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GATTO 10L Dough Mixer 220V - 1 Speed

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Bakery Equipment
Dough Mixer GATTO 10L Dough Mixer 220V - 1 Speed Model   CS10 Voltage V 220 Power W 550 Bowl Speed R/MIN 10 Mixing Speed R/MIN 165 Volume L 10 Capacity KG 5 Weight KG 68 Dimens...
R 11,846.00
R 11,846.00
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Dough Mixer

GATTO 10L Dough Mixer 220V - 1 Speed
Model   CS10
Voltage V 220
Power W 550
Bowl Speed R/MIN 10
Mixing Speed R/MIN 165
Volume L 10
Capacity KG 5
Weight KG 68
Dimension MM 680X360X750
Finished Dough KG 6
• Stainless steel safety grid
• Heavy duty
• Designed to work in all bakery applications
• Great for pizza and bread


Benefits of the Gatto 10L Dough Mixer

A 10L dough mixer is a specialized kitchen appliance designed for mixing dough and is particularly suitable for both small-scale commercial bakeries and passionate home bakers. Here are several benefits of owning a 10L dough mixer:

  1. Optimal Size for Small Batches: The 10L capacity is perfect for small to medium-sized batches of dough, making it ideal for small bakeries, restaurants, or home use. It's large enough to handle a decent volume of dough but not so large that it's impractical for smaller requirements.

  2. Consistency in Dough Quality: A dough mixer ensures that your dough is consistently mixed, leading to a uniform texture and quality every time. This consistency is crucial for professional baking results, as it affects the rise, texture, and taste of the final product.

  3. Efficiency and Time-Saving: Mixing dough by hand can be time-consuming and physically demanding, especially when making larger quantities. A dough mixer can significantly reduce preparation time, allowing you to focus on other tasks in the kitchen.

  4. Versatility: While primarily used for mixing dough, many dough mixers come with different attachments and speed settings, making them versatile tools capable of whipping cream, beating eggs, or even mixing batters. This versatility makes the dough mixer a multi-functional appliance in the kitchen.

  5. Improved Hydration: Dough mixers are designed to mix dough thoroughly, ensuring that water is evenly distributed throughout the flour. This improves hydration, which is key for the development of gluten and can result in a better texture in baked goods.

  6. Reduced Labor: For businesses, a dough mixer can reduce the physical labor required to mix dough, making the baking process less labor-intensive and helping to reduce fatigue among kitchen staff.

  7. Enhanced Gluten Development: The mechanical action of a dough mixer can more effectively develop gluten in the dough compared to hand kneading. This is particularly beneficial for breads and other baked goods that rely on strong gluten networks for structure and texture.

  8. Temperature Control: Some advanced models of dough mixers allow for temperature control or monitoring, which is vital since the temperature of the dough can significantly affect yeast activity and, consequently, the rise and texture of the dough.

  9. Safety Features: Dough mixers typically come with safety features, such as guards to prevent flour dust from escaping and emergency stop buttons. These features ensure a safer working environment, particularly in commercial settings.

  10. Professional Results at Home: For the home baker aspiring to achieve professional-quality baked goods, a 10L dough mixer provides the tool needed to elevate their baking with evenly mixed doughs that could be challenging to achieve by hand.

Overall, a 10L dough mixer is a valuable asset in any kitchen where baking is taken seriously, offering a blend of efficiency, consistency, and quality that can transform the baking process.

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