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Terms & Conditions



1.        All prices exclude VAT.

  1. All late payments will pay full list price.
  2. The customer may apply for credit.  Should you qualify for an account, payment in full is strictly 30 days

from date of statement.

  1. All equipment supplied remains the property of Catercare CC until paid for in full.
  2. Cash sales via EFT will only be released once funds clear in Catercare’s account. Unless prior arrangements

Were made with management.

6.         While the current price list shall be valid for existing stock, due to the nature of our business, rates of exchange fluctuates and prices can change without any prior notice.

  1. Freighting costs are for the Customers account
  2. It is the customer’s responsibility to nominate and correspond with their transport company and to adequately insure all goods.
  3. We supply ex CATERCARE warehouse, therefore we do not accept any responsibility for any losses or damages that may be incurred by third parties, couriers, rail, postage or air freight.

10.     No returned goods will be accepted unless prior arrangements have been made and all returned goods must be returned complete and in original packaging.

11.      No goods may be returned if not in original packaging

12.     A handling fee of 15% will be charged on agreed returns that are more than 14 days old.

13.     Goods may not be returned in lieu of payment.

14.     All quotations sent are valid for 14 days only. If any price is incorrectly quoted in error, the correct price will always apply.

15.     All equipment requires 2-3 days of testing  from date of official order being placed before goods may be released, unless otherwise agreed upon by CATERCARE

16.     Any 3rd party collections need to be pre-arranged with CATERCARE. A form of identification and proof of purchase will need to be provided before goods may be released.





1.          It is the Customer’s responsibility to install and commission the equipment. All training on the operation and proper cleaning of the unit is the customers responsibility

2.        On delivery or collection goods are deemed to be in good order, if not noted otherwise on the delivery note or waybill.

3.        Any damages in transit are to be claimed by the customer from their insurance company.

4.       All NEW equipment carries a warranty of 12 months from date of sale to the customer. Your warranty is for 12 months from date of purchase. Should you require spare parts you need to present us with your invoice to your client showing the date of sale, the correct model number and serial number of the unit on your invoice. If the invoice does not include all this information we will not cover any spare parts under warranty, if the date is past your date of invoice from CATERCARE

5.        The warranty with the customer begins from date of invoice from CATERCARE

6.       The warranty covers faulty components and/or factory faults and does not extend to wearing parts e.g. bushes, blades, globes and belts, labour or transport.

7.        We do not cover the labour involved in making good the warranty.

  1. Freighting of spares is strictly for the Customer’s account

9.       Elements, electrical components and mechanical parts carry a warranty for 12 months.

10.     Glass, globes, belt, bushes and blades are consumables and carries no warranty.

11.      Faulty components must be returned to CATERCARE within 30 days, as we need to claim from our factory. All spares will be charged to your account, we will credit the invoices once we receive the faulty parts back. If not adhered to the customer will get billed for the new spare component that was used and NO credit will be passed.

12.     The warranty expressly excludes misuse, neglect, wear and tear, incorrect installation, failure to use the appliance in accordance with the operating instruction, the use of incorrect voltages or faults in building wiring, the use of incorrect gas supply, should any person other than a CATERCARE technician or approved CATERCARE service agent effect any repairs to the unit. The decision as to whether the fault or failure is as a result of the above shall be at CATERCARE’s sole discretion. A certificate of compliance issued by a qualified gas installer, plumber or electrician must be produced to CATERCARE for all warranty claims.

13.     There is no warranty on goods not yet paid for.

14.     It is strictly the customer’s responsibility to liaise with their client regarding repairs or spares.

15.     CATERCARE invoice and serial number must be supplied by the customer corresponding to the item in question.

16.     The warranty only includes faulty components, labour and transport is excluded from this warranty

17.   It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that the equipment is connected and commissioned correctly by a qualified electrician, plumber or gas installer. Any call out for this possibility will be for the customer’s account.

18.     All table top equipment has a carry-in warranty. Any table top equipment due for repairs under warranty shall be returned to CATERCARE’s premises, or to one of CATERCARE’s accredited service centres around South Africa

19.     CATERCARE cannot be held responsible any loss of income, loss of product or other harm suffered as a result of delay in repairing equipment or equipment failure.

20.    CATERCARE will not provide any service exchange unit should a unit be down for repairs

21.     Should CATERCARE replace a unit under warranty due to equipment failure, the warranty shall not be renewed from the date that the new unit is supplied. The warranty shall follow the warranty date of the original unit supplied.

22.     Any equipment requiring any cleaning to execute the repair, will be charged to the customer (whether under warranty or not)

23.      Should a customer require a unit to be repaired out of warranty, CATERCARE will first charge a non-refundable assessment fee, followed by a quotation to repair the unit. CATERCARE will then require an official PO from the customer, or payment before the repair takes place.

The assessment fee will be charged as follows:

·         Should the unit be brought in to CATERCARE’s premises, the fee will be R600 nett excluding VAT

·         Should a call out be required, the assessment fee to Johannesburg will be R1 350 nett excluding VAT. The assessment fee to Pretoria will be R1 500 nett excluding VAT

·         All other areas are subject to quote or carry-in assessments apply

·         Please note that CATERCARE will only repair equipment previously supplied by CATERCARE. If the equipment was supplied by a different company, CATERCARE will not assess the equipment

24.    Should there be a warranty call out, the following instances will be charged to the customer:

·         Should the technician arrive on site, and there be no power/gas/water, etc and the technician not be able to assess and repair the equipment, the call out and labour will be chargeable to the customer (this includes power outages)

·         Should the technician assess the unit and find that there are no faults on the unit (for example, incorrect gas supply, etc), the call out, labour and/or any transport charges in relation to sending spare parts, will be chargeable to the customer

·         Should the technician arrive on site and there be no access to the faulty unit the call out, labour and/or any transport charges in relation to sending spare parts, will be chargeable to the customer

·         Please note any tweaks to any blowers on gas ovens due to a change on in atmospheric pressure to where the oven was set up in Johannesburg will be the customer’s responsibly to tweak the air flows. This does not constitute a warranty call out

·         Any jetting for burners from LPG to town gas or as result of changes in atmospheric pressure will be the customers responsibility

·         If there is any damage to the unit as a result of incorrect cleaning chemicals being used

25.     CATERCARE will not attend to any call outs in any areas flagged as ‘dangerous’ by our insurance company. This is for the safety of our technicians and vehicles. In this instance, the unit will need to be returned to CATERCARE’s premises, to one of our accredited service centres or to the customers premises at the customers cost for assessment and repairs

26.    CATERCARE will ONLY attend to warranty call outs in a 30km radius of the following areas (provided they are not flagged as dangerous by our insurance company). Should the unit be situated in any ‘outlying areas’, ie. more than 20km outside of any of the below areas, the customer shall be charged per additional kilometre travelled, or the customer will be responsible to transport the unit to one of the below city centres or the nearest accredited service agent:

·         Whole of Gauteng

·         Kwa-Zulu Natal- Durban, Pietermaritzburg, Pine Town, Amanzimtoti

·         Eastern Cape- Port Elizabeth, Jeffreys Bay, East London

·         Limpopo- Polokwane

·         Western Cape- Cape Town, George

·         Northern Cape- Kimberly

·         Mpumalanga- Nelspruit, White River

·         Free State- Bloemfontein

·         All cross border or outlying areas not specified warranty claims will need to be returned to CATERCARE’s premises, or to one of our accredited service centres in South Africa at the customers cost

27.     All spare parts that are replaced under warranty will need to be returned to CATERCARE for inspection. If it is found that the spare parts are not faulty, or if the damage to the spare parts are as a result of operator fault, incorrect gas/electrical/water supply the call out, labour and any transport costs in getting the spares to the client will be for the customers account.

28.    Repairs and spare parts carry a 3 month limited warranty

29.    Any resultant damage from failure of a spare part will not be covered

30.    There is no warranty on any PC boards sold by CATERCARE due to instable grid supply and power supply

31.     If a unit is repaired by CATERCARE and is found to be missing spare parts, CATERCARE will not be held responsible for replacing the spare parts. CATERCARE will provide a quotation to the customer for any missing parts. This applies whether the unit is sold under warranty or not.

32.     No equipment supplied by CATERCARE comes standard with a water softener. It is the customers responsibly to install water softeners on any water supply lines to any equipment. Any damage caused to equipment as a result of hard water, will not be covered under warranty.

33.     For all warranty claims, the customer must first visit site, ascertain what the issue is and provide all relevant information to CATERCARE before any call outs are attended to

34.    CATERCARE shall at its sole discretion make judgement upon whether the item was faulty or of inferior quality

35.     There is no guarantee or warranty on smalls

36.    CATERCARE will not be held responsible for damages or resultant damage resulting from any Act of God, fire, flooding, civil unrest, power surges or dips (resulting from a generator, invertor or electrical mains)

37.     Rust or corrosion is specifically excluded from CATERCARE’s warranty as most equipment is not 304 grade stainless steel and can rust slightly


Return Policy


Credits and returns will only be accepted under the following conditions:


  1. No goods are to be returned unless prior arrangement has been made with CATERCARE. Goods sent to CATERCARE without authorisation will be sent back and the Customer will be invoiced for the freight charge.
  2. Freighting costs for returns are strictly for the Customer’s account.
  3. Items must be returned in their original packaging to avoid a chargeable handling fee
  4. The original packaging must not be damaged.
  5. All manuals, service cards etc must still be included in the packaging
  6. Items returned will be inspected and tested, if the unit is used or damaged it is at CATERCARE discretion whether or not the item will be credited.  In certain circumstances only a percentage of the invoiced amount will be credited
  7. Serial numbers must be on the units and must be exactly the same as the original invoice.
  8. Serial numbers on the unit must correspond with the serial numbers on the packaging
  9. The unit will only be credited and accepted if it is not damaged and is unused.
  10. Goods may not be returned if they were damaged in TRANSIT.
  11. No clients’ markings may be attached to equipment for return.
  12. Returned items will not be accepted if serial numbers and specification plate have been removed.
  13. Goods requiring repair will not be accepted for credit, there is a warranty in place to deal with this problem.
  14. No handling fee will be levied if goods are returned within two weeks of purchase, unless the packaging is damaged or non-existent.
  15. A 15% handling fee will be levied if the unit is returned within one calendar month (provided that the packaging and the unit is in new condition) from date of invoice.
  16. CATERCARE will not accept goods returned that are not in original packaging
  17. Goods may not be returned in Lieu of payment
  18. Goods may not be returned to CATERCARE after 30 calendar days from date of invoice (whether in original packaging or not)


Circumstances under which you may return items


  1. If goods were incorrectly delivered, CATERCARE will deliver the correct goods to you the within 2 days at our expense and collect the incorrect order. As long as the goods are returned in the original packaging and they have not been damaged by you or your courier company
  2. Should you fail to comply with the above terms and conditions the item will be returned to you at your cost





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    The contract in a transaction on this website is only concluded only once the consumer's order is accepted by Cater Care, and Cater Care is not bound to deliver the goods in return for the consumer's payment of the advertised price, and the consumer is not entitled to demand delivery of the product or to refuse receipt of a refund.

    All money must reflect in Cater Care’s account before goods may be released from our premises

    • Prices are subject to the rate of exchange increases, Supplier / Material increases, transport increases and may increase with immediate effect.
    • Should the chosen item required not be in stock, a similar option will be offered, for clients acceptance and an alternative price may vary.
    • Return of unwanted goods at customers
    • 20% handling fee will be charged on all goods returned.  Return transport fees are for the clients account.  All goods must remain in original packaging and remain in original new condition
    • a 20% handling fee will be charged on all refunds. 
    • Please note that the pictures of the products are for illustration purposes only. Some products may vary slightly. 



    • We offer a 12 month warranty on spare parts only.
    • All spare parts must be paid for by the client upfront. We will courier the parts back to our office to ascertain if the parts were defective and thereafter an immediate refund will be paid back to you including the freight you paid to receive the parts.  
    • No misuse / abuse of equipment will be subject to our warranty.
    • The client must take the equipment to our nearest repair Centre for an evaluation and should only be looked at by one of our approved sub-contractors. List of contractors in your area available from our offices on request. 
    • Warranty is 12 months on all electrical and mechanical parts. 
    • No warranty on glass, globes, blades or belts. 
    • Standard wear and tear is not considered a warranty this is subject to the usage of the machine. Any overuse for example where bread dough is being mixed in a small planetary mixer as opposed to using a big dough mixer these instances and applications will not be considered for warranty. 


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